On a personal note, when I see the trail behind the cabin winding up the back side of the mountain, I recall the trips my granddad and I made up that steeper-than-it-looks path stringing and repairing barbed wire fence. All I could think of was water, ice water, anything cold and wet as I struggled upwards.

I was lucky at night, though. I had an iron cot beside the front window and could watch the stars move across the dark above me. We had no electricity or running water.

Our Coleman purred from dusk to bedtime, lightly humming in the quiet around us.

I was a happy child and I am still happy, although a little nuts about genealogy and Wyoming.
Vern Paul
Kilmainham, Ireland
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Homestead Cabin, foot of E-K Mtn near Mayoworth, Johnson Co., Wyoming. Photo by Vern Paul, 1956