Including some SSDI and State Death Indices

and a Few Skeletons in the Closet


Compiled by

Vern Paul

The Bridgewater Register

© 2005, 2006

Dublin , Republic of Ireland

This is a list of copies of Obituaries and Indices to Obituaries I have collected over several years where the Decedent’s surname is Bridgewater or one of its several variations or where the maiden name or mother’s maiden name was Bridgewater, etc. The collection includes obituaries that mention other family member(s) who by birth or marriage were or are Bridgewaters, etc. The collected obituaries also include some Bridgewater officials, pallbearers, and friends where no relationship is known or presumed. A small number of Bridgewaters located in “other” indices are actually references to Bridgewater cities and/or geographical locations. These, as identified, will be removed. Most obituaries in this collection are verbatim copies transcribed from original published and/or online obituaries. Older obituaries are often no more than a statement of the event and contain little biographical or genealogical information. Later obituaries tend to provide more biographical information on the individual and name at least surviving family members. In many cases, I have notes expanding upon the obituaries. All but a few of the obituaries are referenced to the name, location, and date of the publishing newspaper. When a publication date is not known or unclear, the date generally used is the actual or near date of death. This is naturally true with Social Security Death Index references and State Death Indices.

Skeletons in the Closet ~ delicate family news in the Papers. I have numerous copies of newspaper articles, not necessarily obituaries, relating to criminal or unusual activities involving Bridgewaters either as the principal or the victim. Those published prior to 1930 are included in the Index. Items published after 1930 are not in the Index except for obituaries where the nature of death is given ~ usually by violent means. I will be happy to search these later copies for specific individuals and if found I will send copies with the understanding that the copies will not be posted online or redistributed without consideration of the sensitivity of the copy.

Exchange of information, addition of photographs in particular, and/or corrections appreciated. Copies can be made available upon specific request and then attached to my email response and/or linked to the Obituary Index.

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