Photograph Album

William Bridgwater [1795-1880]

born February 14, 1795 near Rockfish, Amherst County in part later Nelson Co., Virginia, son of Jonathan F. Bridgwater and Nancy Ewers; died April 4, 1880, Plymouth, Hancock Co., Illinois.

Photograph from tintype in album kept by his daughter Gennetta Jones (Bridgwater) Lyon.

Family History

The Bridgewater Register McClure Family Photographs
Cullar Family Photographs Mrs. Camp - School Teacher - 1875
Below is a list of tintypes and photographs of Bridgwater/Bridgewater and related families in Gennetta's album. I have uploaded one of William Bridgwater [1795-1880] - my great-grandmother's second cousin - above. I will be uploading the remaining pictures as I get the time to scan them. I can give priority to anyone requesting copies of any of the other names in the pictures, one or more of each individual being:

James Ewers Bridgwater
Jefferson Seaton Bridgwater
George A. Bridgwater
Lucy (McClure) Lyon Bridgwater
Bowen Price Hurt - killed in the Civil War - son-in-law of William Bridgwater
William S. Hurt - son of Bowen Price Hurt
Elijah Beard - son-in-law of William Bridgwater
Nancy Jane (Bridgwater) Beard - daughter of William Bridgwater
Gennetta Jones (Bridgwater) Lyon - daughter of William Bridgwater
Sidney Lyon - Springfield, Missouri - 1875
William Logan Lyon - son-in-law of William Bridgwater - 1868
Gilmore Lyon
John Ryan Lyon - 1866
Sallie Lyon
George Lyon
Lucy Lyon - 1873 - with cousins Amanda Louella Lyon and Talitha Susan Banks
David Lyon
Sarah Martha "Sally"(Moser) Cullar Fulk
Nancy (Cullar) Boyles
James Littleton Cullar - husband of Amanda Louella "Louie" Lyon
Amanda Louella "Louie" Lyon - 1873 - with cousins Lucy Lyon and Talitha Susan Banks
Martin Cullar
Littleton King Haskell Cullar
Gustin Cullar
Talitha Susan Banks - 1873 - with cousins Lucy Lyon and Amanda Louella Lyon
Mrs. Camp - Amanda Luella (Lyon) Cullar's 1st grade school teacher
Nan Elliott Talbert
Allie Callison
Elza McClure
Tom McClure
Ulysses McClure
Wife of George McClure
Walter Horn
John Horn
Jennie Horseman
Albert Massie - grandson of William Bridgwater

I do remove most scratches, marks, and extraneous material from the pictures and return them as much as possible to their original condition. Many of these pictures had names written on the front and sometimes back. These I have digitally removed from the copies, although the original tintypes, photographs, and scans are kept un-retouched. Additional details upon request.

Vern Paul - The Bridgewater Register