To Repair or Not to Repair - Old Photographs, That Is
Retouching or "repairing" old tintypes may go against the grain of some "purists". However, I feel the evidence of age, and often abuse, is not necessary except in an academic environment in which most of us "common" family historians and genealogists do not operate. We all know the pictures are "old". What we want to see is a clear picture of our grands and greats, not a bunch of smudges, scratches, cracks, and names scribbled across images that at one time really were clear and sometimes flattering, sometimes not. One of my reasons for repair is the tintype of Jefferson Seaton Bridgwater. In its original state it measures a tiny 1 inch by 3/4 and is badly cracked. I scanned the original at 3200 dpi. A portion of the scan is displayed below. I repaired the image using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 then saved it at 300 dpi represented by the second image below. To see the completly restored image in its original paper frame, click here.